Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dudes, its time to par-tay. We have our homecoming games today. Girls at 2 and Guys at 4. We are going to Hillcat those clowns today. I hope you all will show up to the tailgate and party and hangout with everyone around 11:30 in the Expo parking lot. It is so much fun. We gotta back our team so we can bring home the W today. Just remember it's like the Mighty Ducks, although this was the evil hawks motto, I am going to support it today. "It's not worth winning, if you can't win big" and if you do not know the Mighty Ducks as much as I do, then how bout this one. Ricky Bobby motto, "If you ain't first, you last". Hahahahahahahahaha. Yes Yes Yes. So anyways, I hope to see you all there. My advice today. Go to the game, come tailgate, hangout and have a really fantastic time. Peace out my fellow peeps.

You stay classy Rogers State. Bi-yeeee.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Awesomeness Just Exploded - Thursday Oct. 28th

So if you haven't noticed, I am so lazy about actually posting lately. I have been crazy busy, and I am so sorry to all of my readers. But I have got some hot news for you fellas and ladies. Hey fellas (Deep Voice - Ya) hey ladies (High voice - ya) you wanna know the news? Here is the deal on the for real!!!! Straight up - you can buy a Papa Johns pizza for $4.99 today. Its a large one topping and its only 5 bucks for all Rogers State Students. And just so you know I work there, I have worked at other pizza places and you get so many toppings and more Bang Bang Bang for yo monies. So go get some of the delicious goodness while you can for the cheapest prices known to man for some ZA.
Next, and this is hot. It's as addicting as a space goat. There is going to be a fun golf course tourny set up on the RSU campus to raise money and have fun. If you know anyone who has a local business, this would be a great way to ask them to help sponsor the event and really promote their business. And since we are all a little tight for money these days this would be a great way to promote. So go check it before you wreck it.

Well I'm out for now. YOu STay CLassy ROgers STate. And that spells "yostclrost" hmmmmm.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is It Really That Close

Its hard to believe that this lil fella is finally going to go through it all and graduate. It has been a really big struggle, because I am a fine arts major. I am really good at one thing, that is Art. So when I had to take College Algebra a few 3 times to finally pass, and squeek by that history class, it was tougher then I thought. I constantly struggled on if I really wanted to be in college, if I should have tried a career school, or just go into the working environment. I withdrew to many times and dropped out for a semester, because it was nothing but hard work. Once I realized I didn't want to be breakin my back and working for my dad's roofing company any more (Sorry Dad) I dedicated myself to school, finally. Looking back and reflecting, I as well as others that knew me, never really thought I had a chance, but now in December I will have my Bachelors in Fine Arts for one of the best schools in the Nation, and I have never thought otherwise. I feel I have finally grown and found a direction that works for me. I hated studying all the time, and waking up early for classes. I hated that I had to take so many classes that had nothing to do with my major. I hated trying to find a parking spot, haha. And I even had my fair share of troubles, but now, that I am at the end. I have no regrets.

So if I can give anyone who is struggling to stay in school some good advice, it would be to stick it out. The payoff in the long run was nothing short of my dreams. I am moving forward so I can one day be just like Gary Moeller, haha I mean a Collegiate Teacher in Art and pursue my love and passion on a daily basis. Thank you for everyone who helped me grow and get better. This is not my last blog, but that day is vastly approaching. I just wanted to reflect on my experiences a little and extend that hand to everyone that helped me achieve what it is I am looking for in life.

Also, if you are struggling with school don't hesitate to find people to talk to or find a tutor who can help. Like I said it sux so bad right now, but I promise when you are done, you won't regret what you have achieved and the people that helped mold you into something more then just an "average Joe".

Stay Classy Rogers State. Rob Paine.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Frackin Tent

Big Tent Day- Yes yes yes. Go go go. Everyone do yourself a huge favor and go to big tent day on campus, Hammet House has free snacks. There are some awesome free t-shirts that by buddy Cayla Spears designed. There real fun and rememorable. I think this is it everyone, the big Tent is where it is at. Over by the Cenntennial center. Advice - Learn to embrace change, because this world is never going to stay the same. Make some new friends, and remember that there are other events going on later this week. Go to the website, and look at welcome week activities. There are going to be some bad ace fire spinners and hula dancers tomorrow night. OMG LOLZ BTW there is free food, yes yes yes. Bryce if you read this - just throw the dang cracker away already, haha. Well this is it for me now. Signing off.

You Stay Classy Rogers State University. Rob.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holy CRAP-stone

The gig is finally up and capstone is upon us seniors. I have been working my @$$ off trying to stabilize the situation of this feat. This is a very intimidating moment in your education. Capstone, for those a little slow waking up today, is the finale in Season 4 (or 5 or like me 6 years) of your college education. You have to look sharp, be ready for a hate bash interrogation, and have work to back that thing up, shoot. It is very demanding and for those of you in Capstone, you get it. For those of you who are looking to face this nasty gauntlet in the years to come, be prepared to work every spare moment on this for that semester. But it will not be in vain, this is that moment in your educational history that will help you decide if you can make it in your field of study or if you want to decide to mooch off your parents for the rest of your life. It will give you the confidence to take it to the next level. The pursuit of happiness. So the BFA majors are presenting their capstones this week. Wednesday the 28th in the old student union, the capstone art show will be presented at 5:30pm, this is where my big painting is exhibited. And the other is Friday the 30th at 5:30. This show will be downtown claremore at a beauty of a place called Wolf Gallery. Both shows are demonstrated with lots of talent and skill. ADVICE NUMERO UNO - Go to these shows. ADVICE NUMERO DOS - Juniors, find your capstones and attend a presentation, it will give you a good look at what is expected. Hope to see yall in the Old Student Union tommorrow.
This is Rob Pizzie signing off.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Financial Slacking 101

Wow. Sometimes you just have those days, when you don't know what happened and you fell off of that nice comfy chair you were sitting in on top of the world. I got some comfortable, and it's there I was faced with a very interesting situation. So I went to enroll in my final semester at Rogers State. I was all pumped up and ready, then I found out there was a hold on my account by the bursars office. I was confused because I had gotten money back from the school in Feb. So I went to the bursars office where they proceeded to tell me that my account needed to be paid, I owed them about 1200 dollars. I was confused because if I were to owe them money, then why would they give me money. Apparently after you attend college for four years, OHLAP (a scholarship I get from the state) decided it was time for me to move on and I no longer got money from them. Which was extremely odd considering I was awarded it for that semester. So in a state of panic thinking this would take awhile I found my self in a bit of a predicament. But I was able to get a loan to cover that amount and get enrolled. So I survived that wonderful attack of my loving college career. But I have good advice for you guys now. Check with your scholarships and make sure they don't run out on you, when you are seriously expecting them. Because it is not Rogers State Financial Aid office's job to keep up with your records, this is your responsibility and they do not alert you, if your money is almost up. This is your job to keep track. So keep your heads up and alert. Be ready for that day, and drink responsibly.

Also I saw a poster today saying we were going to have an outdoor showing of The Hangover on April 22nd. This is so frackin amazazing. I am pumped. That was my girl and mine's first date. Wow. It is so funny too. I want to quote part of the movie now, but I feel it's a tad pole bit to inappropriate. But "What do tigers dream of? When they take a little tiger snooze, do they dream of mauling zebras or Haley Berry in her cat women suit." haha good times.

I better see yall there. You Stay Classy, ROGERS STATE HILLCATS.
Signing Off, Rob.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Listen Up People

So I have found that being a senior is a very challenging task. I know all you other seniors feel the same way. There is so much to get done, and time is running out. All you want to do is get done with this. This is actually like my 5th year in college and reflecting back on my college career, I could have done more. I think there are so many opportunities out there that we are not aware of. But the truth is, to succeed in your career area it takes more then just being a good student. It's kind of like being a band that wants to get famous or discovered. Because even if your band is very good musically, you have to show that your music will sell more then anyone else's. You have to present yourself as a complete package. You have to show that although there are many people that do exactly what you do, you are better. It is a whole lot easier if you get involved and get a foot in the door. Although, a foot in the door would hurt like a mother. haha. But regardless, the whole blog is about getting out there and doing. Not just sitting and waiting for opportunity to knock on your door. KNOCK, KNOCK, ohhh someone's at my door, maybe it is opportunity, NOT. So as a person that wishes I would have done more, take this advice and use it. I promise it will help you out a lot when you are trying to get somewhere in life. There are many opportunities in you area to get involved.
Another thing I have noticed, is I am about to apply for grad school. You have to have a very strong portfolio, no matter what you are majoring in. You have to show how good you are through your work. A college professor told me, "you have to be willing to work harder then anyone else to succeed." And that is the simple truth in it all. You have to work hard and keep working hard, or you will not be the best.

So here are some things that might help. Since I am an Art Major these are a few organizations that might help you either showcase your work or help you get familiar faces with the who's who's.
The Wolf Gallery - Downtown Claremore - a local gallery willing to help any local artist show there work.
Art Directors of Tulsa - Tulsa Little Theatre - They are a group that gets together and has professional designers and artists as guest speakers. Really fun. Also they serve drinks for the legal age of 21 ers.
The Grad School Fair - a fair with all the schools close to this area and some that aren't that have a grad school program. A good way to ask questions and get familiar with what you are expected to apply to grad school.

So I hope this is a helpful blog. I hope yall still read this.
"YoU sTaY cLaSsY rOgErS sTaTe" Signing Off Rob.