Monday, September 13, 2010

Is It Really That Close

Its hard to believe that this lil fella is finally going to go through it all and graduate. It has been a really big struggle, because I am a fine arts major. I am really good at one thing, that is Art. So when I had to take College Algebra a few 3 times to finally pass, and squeek by that history class, it was tougher then I thought. I constantly struggled on if I really wanted to be in college, if I should have tried a career school, or just go into the working environment. I withdrew to many times and dropped out for a semester, because it was nothing but hard work. Once I realized I didn't want to be breakin my back and working for my dad's roofing company any more (Sorry Dad) I dedicated myself to school, finally. Looking back and reflecting, I as well as others that knew me, never really thought I had a chance, but now in December I will have my Bachelors in Fine Arts for one of the best schools in the Nation, and I have never thought otherwise. I feel I have finally grown and found a direction that works for me. I hated studying all the time, and waking up early for classes. I hated that I had to take so many classes that had nothing to do with my major. I hated trying to find a parking spot, haha. And I even had my fair share of troubles, but now, that I am at the end. I have no regrets.

So if I can give anyone who is struggling to stay in school some good advice, it would be to stick it out. The payoff in the long run was nothing short of my dreams. I am moving forward so I can one day be just like Gary Moeller, haha I mean a Collegiate Teacher in Art and pursue my love and passion on a daily basis. Thank you for everyone who helped me grow and get better. This is not my last blog, but that day is vastly approaching. I just wanted to reflect on my experiences a little and extend that hand to everyone that helped me achieve what it is I am looking for in life.

Also, if you are struggling with school don't hesitate to find people to talk to or find a tutor who can help. Like I said it sux so bad right now, but I promise when you are done, you won't regret what you have achieved and the people that helped mold you into something more then just an "average Joe".

Stay Classy Rogers State. Rob Paine.


  1. Congratulations Rob! Job well done! I am sure there others out there struggling as well, I hope that your message reaches them.

  2. Hey Rob, congratulations bro. My wife is going to RSU and I stumbled on to this blog. Anyway take care and good luck.