Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Frackin Tent

Big Tent Day- Yes yes yes. Go go go. Everyone do yourself a huge favor and go to big tent day on campus, Hammet House has free snacks. There are some awesome free t-shirts that by buddy Cayla Spears designed. There real fun and rememorable. I think this is it everyone, the big Tent is where it is at. Over by the Cenntennial center. Advice - Learn to embrace change, because this world is never going to stay the same. Make some new friends, and remember that there are other events going on later this week. Go to the website, and look at welcome week activities. There are going to be some bad ace fire spinners and hula dancers tomorrow night. OMG LOLZ BTW there is free food, yes yes yes. Bryce if you read this - just throw the dang cracker away already, haha. Well this is it for me now. Signing off.

You Stay Classy Rogers State University. Rob.

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  1. what fun - good to see another blog from ya man! was starting think ya fell off the face of the earth....