Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Financial Slacking 101

Wow. Sometimes you just have those days, when you don't know what happened and you fell off of that nice comfy chair you were sitting in on top of the world. I got some comfortable, and it's there I was faced with a very interesting situation. So I went to enroll in my final semester at Rogers State. I was all pumped up and ready, then I found out there was a hold on my account by the bursars office. I was confused because I had gotten money back from the school in Feb. So I went to the bursars office where they proceeded to tell me that my account needed to be paid, I owed them about 1200 dollars. I was confused because if I were to owe them money, then why would they give me money. Apparently after you attend college for four years, OHLAP (a scholarship I get from the state) decided it was time for me to move on and I no longer got money from them. Which was extremely odd considering I was awarded it for that semester. So in a state of panic thinking this would take awhile I found my self in a bit of a predicament. But I was able to get a loan to cover that amount and get enrolled. So I survived that wonderful attack of my loving college career. But I have good advice for you guys now. Check with your scholarships and make sure they don't run out on you, when you are seriously expecting them. Because it is not Rogers State Financial Aid office's job to keep up with your records, this is your responsibility and they do not alert you, if your money is almost up. This is your job to keep track. So keep your heads up and alert. Be ready for that day, and drink responsibly.

Also I saw a poster today saying we were going to have an outdoor showing of The Hangover on April 22nd. This is so frackin amazazing. I am pumped. That was my girl and mine's first date. Wow. It is so funny too. I want to quote part of the movie now, but I feel it's a tad pole bit to inappropriate. But "What do tigers dream of? When they take a little tiger snooze, do they dream of mauling zebras or Haley Berry in her cat women suit." haha good times.

I better see yall there. You Stay Classy, ROGERS STATE HILLCATS.
Signing Off, Rob.


  1. So glad you figured it out and are able to continue going to school.

  2. Hey, thanks for the info, would never really think to check on that.