Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Listen Up People

So I have found that being a senior is a very challenging task. I know all you other seniors feel the same way. There is so much to get done, and time is running out. All you want to do is get done with this. This is actually like my 5th year in college and reflecting back on my college career, I could have done more. I think there are so many opportunities out there that we are not aware of. But the truth is, to succeed in your career area it takes more then just being a good student. It's kind of like being a band that wants to get famous or discovered. Because even if your band is very good musically, you have to show that your music will sell more then anyone else's. You have to present yourself as a complete package. You have to show that although there are many people that do exactly what you do, you are better. It is a whole lot easier if you get involved and get a foot in the door. Although, a foot in the door would hurt like a mother. haha. But regardless, the whole blog is about getting out there and doing. Not just sitting and waiting for opportunity to knock on your door. KNOCK, KNOCK, ohhh someone's at my door, maybe it is opportunity, NOT. So as a person that wishes I would have done more, take this advice and use it. I promise it will help you out a lot when you are trying to get somewhere in life. There are many opportunities in you area to get involved.
Another thing I have noticed, is I am about to apply for grad school. You have to have a very strong portfolio, no matter what you are majoring in. You have to show how good you are through your work. A college professor told me, "you have to be willing to work harder then anyone else to succeed." And that is the simple truth in it all. You have to work hard and keep working hard, or you will not be the best.

So here are some things that might help. Since I am an Art Major these are a few organizations that might help you either showcase your work or help you get familiar faces with the who's who's.
The Wolf Gallery - Downtown Claremore - a local gallery willing to help any local artist show there work.
Art Directors of Tulsa - Tulsa Little Theatre - They are a group that gets together and has professional designers and artists as guest speakers. Really fun. Also they serve drinks for the legal age of 21 ers.
The Grad School Fair - a fair with all the schools close to this area and some that aren't that have a grad school program. A good way to ask questions and get familiar with what you are expected to apply to grad school.

So I hope this is a helpful blog. I hope yall still read this.
"YoU sTaY cLaSsY rOgErS sTaTe" Signing Off Rob.

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  1. Ohh sorry I forgot to say. The Grad School fair is March 30th, in the centennial center on campus.